Wight & Company brings over two decades of architectural design expertise to federal agencies, offering solutions that balance the dual imperatives of security and accessibility. Our portfolio includes a wide array of projects for civilian government entities where we have successfully navigated the unique challenges presented by each agency's specific requirements. Our designs embody the essence of governmental dignity, showcasing both the enduring strength and the welcoming openness that characterize democratic institutions.

The federal team at Wight excels in creating environments that not only meet rigorous safety standards but also foster a sense of transparency and engagement with the community.

Floyd Anderson, AIA, Principal, Wight & Company

In addition to our federal projects, Wight's extensive experience in the private sector, particularly in designing modern office spaces and workplaces, enriches our approach to federal engagements. This cross-sector expertise ensures that our federal designs benefit from prioritizing innovation, adaptability of spaces, and integrated technology in architectural and workspace design, making them both current and sustainable. Our approach to federal projects is holistic, considering not just the immediate needs but also the long-term implications of design choices on the environment and the people who use the spaces.

Our work with civilian agencies reflects a commitment to advancing architectural solutions that are both practical and visionary, integrating cutting-edge design principles with the specific operational needs of each agency. We pride ourselves on our ability to learn from each project, continually refining our practices to incorporate the most efficient and effective architectural and engineering solutions. Whether designing for high-security environments or public-facing federal spaces, Wight is dedicated to delivering excellence in architecture that serves the needs of the government and its citizens alike.

USACE Mobile District Headquarters
United States Army Corps of Engineers

Located on the site of the Mobile Civic Center, the new Mobile District Headquarters for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is part of a redevelopment of the complex that includes retail and residential to create a mixed-use destination. Inspired by USACE’s vision statement of “Engineering Solutions for the Nation’s Toughest Challenges,” the design reflects the strength and order of the projects the agency manages.

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USACE Mobile 02
USACE Mobile 03

FBI San Juan Field Office
Federal Bureau of Investigation

The San Juan Field Office is a five-story office building development housing the San Juan division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The timeless design combines an updated expression of the tropical modernism inherent to the region enhances the surrounding context of the federal campus. This project received LEED Gold Certification through the USGBC.

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FBI San Juan 05
FBI San Juan 04

Central Regional Office, Kansas City, MO
Department of Transportation

This privately developed 250,000 sf governmental project includes 15 different departments from the Department of Transportation (DOT) with the FAA being the primary tenant. The five-story solution includes administrative offices, green design elements, structured parking, an auditorium, and a cafeteria. The project is located at the northeast corner of Ilus W. Davis Park in downtown Kansas City and became another important addition to this governmental green space.

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DOT Kansas City 03
DOT Kansas City 02

FBI Chicago Field Office
Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Chicago regional offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are located in a ten story, 800,000 sf office building west of downtown and near the Illinois Medical District. Great care was given to meeting the high-level security requirements without creating a fortress in an urban setting. The composite steel and concrete structure, clad in a pre-cast concrete and glass curtain wall, meets all of the technical requirements for the agency and was awarded LEED-EBOM (Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance) Platinum.

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FBI Chicago 01
FBI Chicago 02

FBI Sacramento Field Office
Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Sacramento Field Office is a 130,000 sf office building development housing the Sacramento division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Roseville, California. Through its asymmetry and street presence, the facility immediately identifies as a unique structure. The FBI Norfolk Field Office received LEED Silver Certification from the USGBC.

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FBI Sacramento 01
FBI Sacramento 03

FBI Norfolk Field Office
Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI Norfolk Field Office is a 141,000 sf office/annex development that acted as an anchor to an existing business park development in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake, Virginia. This location offered an excellent opportunity for a sustainable development in an urban context. Additionally, this project offered the opportunity to provide an aesthetically uplifting solution that helped establish a standard of quality while weaving seamlessly into the existing neighborhood fabric. The FBI Norfolk Field Office/Annex design received LEED Gold certification from the USGBC.

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FBI Norfolk 08
FBI Norfolk 02